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Climagroup generates new wind at Pure Air

As a business, you want to focus on your core activities to do what you do best. But as your business grows, so does the time you need for day-to-day management. Pieter Rober, who founded the ventilation company Pure Air in 2012, knows all about this. Fortunately, he found the necessary structure and breathing space with the help of Hasco Invest.

Pure Air designs, manufactures, installs and maintains ventilation systems for retail and industry. “After setting up, we soon received more orders than we could actually handle. “Obviously, growth is good, but there comes a point where you can no longer manage on your own. You need full-time partners, such as an accountant, a social office and other people who understand and correctly support your business,” said Pieter Rober. He sought and quickly found the necessary support from Hasco Invest. And thanks to the support from Climagroup, a holding of Hasco Invest, Pure Air now has six bases of operations. This allows them to be on site quickly for interventions. They continuously invest in employee training to ensure quality and professionalism.

I met Mr Francis Wanten, chairman of Hasco Invest, at a Jong Voka (Flanders’s Chambers of Commerce and Industry) event in 2015. We immediately clicked and a few months and conversations later, Pure Air joined the Hasco family,” said Pieter Rober. Embedding our company within Climagroup provided the much-needed structure we needed to take the day-to-day management out of our hands. “This gave me more time to expand our customer portfolio and work on our future growth. Becoming part of this group has given us both growth and tranquillity. The close cooperation with colleagues from the other Hasco Invest holdings meant that I was able to make numerous new contacts. So we have already started lots of new projects, both internally and outside our organisation,” said a proud founder.

Pieter Rober already looks back on the collaboration with much satisfaction. “My expectations have certainly been met. I’ve been able to keep working on my business with the support and expertise of a strong and experienced team. Meanwhile, our hall has doubled in size and we now have our own production department,” said Pieter. Hasco Invest is happy to offer ambitious companies a base to operate from and focus on their core business. “And, within the holdings, there is a lot to offer for staff with numerous facilities, such as the Benefits@work platform,” said Pieter Rober finally.

Hasco Invest offers ambitious companies the base from which to operate.

Pieter Rober

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