RCT Stevedoring

RCT Stevedoring joins forces with Multi Logistics Group

RCT Stevedoring started trading sand and gravel and manufacturing construction blocks in the 1960s.  Over the years, its focus shifted to loading and unloading sea-going vessels and goods storage. That evolution was accompanied by growth, and if you're saying growth, you're saying Hasco Invest.  Director Koen Van Duysse explains how this partnership came about.

RCT Stevedoring joined Hasco Invest in 2014.” “I came into contact with Francis Wanten, chairman of Hasco Invest. His vision for Hasco Invest suddenly made these ideas more concrete and easier to achieve”, says Koen.  RCT Stevedoring was incorporated under Multi Logistics Group, allowing it to leave the 'additional activities of running a business' to this participation of Hasco Invest.  Accounting, HR, IT, and marketing are time-consuming activities for a manager. Being able to outsource this to Multi Logistics Group gives me plenty of time to focus on my core business”, says Koen.

By being part of a larger structure, RCT Stevedoring employees have more job security. “Our people now enjoy the employee benefits that are only possible for a larger group”, according to the director. This partnership guarantees growth and has already resulted in many new customers, which in turn has led to additional recruitment.  “The reports give us better insights that enable us to fine-tune our focus.” “I’m convinced that, with the help of Multi Logistics Group, RCT Stevedoring will be able to grow even further. This will keep us at the forefront of our sector”, concludes Koen Van Duysse.

By outsourcing the accounts , HR, IT and marketing, I'm able to focus fully on my core business

Koen Van Duysse

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