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1. When you visit and/or use our Website, we place cookies or use similar technologies with which we collect and process personal data about you. Such cookies and similar technologies include:

NameTypePurposeRetention period
_gastatistischstatistical information about the use of the website2 years
__atuvcmarketingsocial sharing1 year
__uin_mmmarketingmarketingservices44 days
_at.cwwmarketingsocial sharingpersistent
_ljtrtb_#marketingadvertising1 year
01AImarketingcollect technical information1 year
abmarketingmarketingservices1 year
APIDmarketingmarketingservices1 year
at-lojson-cache-#marketingsocial sharingpersistent
at-randmarketingsocial sharingpersistent
audiencemarketingmarketingservices1 year
bkdcmarketingadvertising179 days
bkumarketingadvertising179 days
bs_mop_u3smarketingmarketingservices29 days
bt2marketingsocial sharing255 days
cmarketingadvertising1 year
CMIDmarketingadvertising1 year
CMPROmarketingmarketingservices3 months
CMPSmarketingadvertising3 months
CMRUM3marketingadvertising1 year
csyncmarketingadvertising1 year
data-mmmarketingmarketingservices1 year
di2marketingmarketingservices1 year
dspuuidmarketingmarketingservices29 days
EEmarketingmarketingservices119 days
eidmarketingadvertising6 months
fidmarketingadvertising2 months
frmarketingadvertising3 months
gidmarketingmarketingservices3 years
HRL8marketingadvertising27 days
imarketingadvertising1 year
idmarketingadvertising1 year
IDEmarketingadvertising1 year
IDSYNCmarketingmarketingservices1 year
khaosmarketingadvertising1 year
KRTBCOOKIE_#marketingadvertising29 days
ljt_readermarketingadvertising1 year
locmarketinglocatie-informatie1 year
MMTHmarketingmarketingservices7 years
mt_miscmarketingmarketingservices29 days
mt_mopmarketingadvertising29 days
musmarketingmarketingservices1 year
pb_rtb_evmarketingadvertising1 year
pidmarketingadvertising1 year
psynmarketingmarketingservices29 days
PUBMDCIDmarketingmarketingservices3 months
PugTmarketingmarketingservices29 days
put_#marketingadvertising29 days
rpbmarketingadvertising29 days
rpxmarketingmarketingservices29 days
SEUNCYmarketingidentification of users for marketing purposes179 days
TestIfCookiePmarketingmarketingservices1 year
tonemarketingmarketingservices29 days
tumarketingadvertising29 days
tuuidmarketingmarketingservices3 months
tuuidmarketingcookietoestemming1 year
tuuid_last_updatemarketingmarketingservices3 months
tuuid_lumarketingmarketingservices1 year
umarketingtargeted marketing1 year
udmarketingadvertising119 days
uidmarketingsocial sharing1 year
uidmarketingadvertising1 year
ummarketingmarketingservices3 months
UM1marketingadvertising2 months
umehmarketingmarketingservices3 months
uumarketingadvertising1 year
uuidmarketingadvertising1 year
uuidmarketingmarketingservices29 days
uuid2marketingadvertising3 months
uuidcmarketingadvertising1 year
uvcmarketingsocial sharing1 year
Vmarketingadvertising1 year
vcmarketingsocial sharing1 year
vimarketingadvertising2 months
visitor-idmarketingmarketingservices1 year
xtcmarketingsocial sharing1 year
__smTokenmarketingmarketingservices1 year
__smVIDmarketingmarketingservices29 days


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