Focus on growth

As an investment holding company, Hasco Invest consciously chose five investment domains. These provide focus, expertise, and a well-thought-out growth strategy that form the foundations of our holding company. This solid foundation ensures any business can grow into a professional and profitable enterprise.

The goal for each partnership is to stimulate its growth process using two strategies. First, our companies exchange expertise, vision and ambition. Second, Hasco Invest provides support. That support goes beyond just providing capital. Companies can rely on the strategic insights of our experienced team, our sustainability vision, and our operational expertise. We are a sounding board that thinks along with you with our know-how and expertise. And we challenge you to achieve success without running the show. We collaborate with innovative ideas to build strong and profitable businesses every day. That is Hasco Invest’s strength.

At Hasco Invest, working for the world of tomorrow goes beyond just supporting and accelerating companies’ growth. Sustainability is gaining importance every day within every business operation. We synthesise the social sustainability imperative with the economic realities of businesses. We engage in a feasible collaboration with each partnership to build a sustainable future.

In our holdings, we always focus on our staff. Our history as a family business explains our values, which is why we want everyone in our investment group to feel at home, regardless of sector or job. Everyone shares the same vision and collaborates towards the same goal. So, every employee helps build our story.