We are currently active in Belgium and the Netherlands in five different business units:

Liquid fuels and fuel services
This business unit is actively focused on fuel and fuel services. It allows us to offer our clients a full and complete energy package.


Air conditioning, cooling technology and ventilation
Our air conditioning, refrigeration technology and ventilation business unit is active in the HVAC sector. We design, install and maintain refrigeration and air-conditioning systems in companies. With subsidiaries in diverse provinces, we are perfectly positioned to work on a national level.


Sustainable renewable energy solutions
This business unit concentrates on sustainable and renewable energy solutions, aiming to realise sustainable energy projects and invest in climate portfolios focused on renewable energy.


Real-estate management and development
Our real-estate branch focuses on both the residential market and the redevelopment of industrial sites. We also provide facility services as part of our Hasco Invest group.


Our logistics branch is active in the storage and transfer of raw materials, on the domestic and international markets.

Clear Filters

For more than 20 years, the All-in Tank Service has specialised in the examination and cleaning of fuel-oil tanks, and the installation and removal of mazut and heating-oil tanks. We serve companies and the general public from three regional offices in Belgium and our main office in Eke.

Borcalor offers solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation for the residential and industrial markets. Borcalor has its company headquarters in Bornem.

Since 1970, Climabel has specialised in the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and equipment for offices, hotels and shops. Based in the centre of the country near Brussels, we work in Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France. We carry out all types of installations, both residential and commercial/industrial.

Comfort Energy is the largest independent dealer of fuel oil in Belgium. The company has its headquarters in Hasselt, with thirteen storage centres across the various provinces in Belgium working closely with local dealers. After more than 40 years of activity, we continue to be a cost-conscious and highly client-oriented energy supplier.

Cooltech is a reliable and committed specialist in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The company headquarters are located in Alken.

De Noyette is primarily focused on commercial and industrial refrigeration engineering. Our range also includes air-conditioning technology. The company headquarters are in Eke.

Encon is an engineering agency that works exclusively on corporate energy projects, developing and realising sustainable energy projects predominated by cost efficiency. Encon is recognised as a unique engineering agency that tailor-makes total solutions: from study to concrete realisation. The company headquarters are located in Bilzen. Encon is also active in the Netherlands.

Futurn is a specialist in the (re)development of corporate real estate, transforming a range of existing sites into an innovative mix of sustainable industrial buildings, offices, showrooms and tailored projects. Together with Vestra, Futurn transformed the former Mobis Neovia site into a business park for large and small companies. It is located in Bosstraat in Lummen.

Geomeasure is a young and dynamic surveyor's office, full of ambition, where you will find all expertise under one roof.

GPC Europe specialises in the wholesale of photovoltaic systems and parts, and e-charging. By carrying an extensive range of stock, GPC is able to work flexibly and guarantee short-term delivery. The company headquarters are in Tielt.

G&D Energy was founded in 2013 by engineer Gert Geraerts. Green & Durable Energy offers you sustainable total solutions for green energy projects, both for private individuals (new construction and renovation) and companies.

Established in 2018, Hasco Climate Invest develops, realises and promotes sustainable energy projects. The company also produces ‘green’ energy through solar panels and wind turbines, installing them on roofs and in the grounds of companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Hasco Technics is responsible for all maintenance and repairs at our various sites throughout the country.

The Infinity building is one of the world’s most sustainable buildings. Located in Bilzen, it serves as the headquarters for Encon. As well as this state-of-the-art building, Infinity promotes sustainable entrepreneurship as a means of making a positive difference in the world.

Kraanbedrijf D. Buermans, founded in 1977 and located in Olen, is specialized in loading and unloading of inland and seagoing vessels in Belgium and the Netherlands. Both bulk and general cargo can be transshipped effortlessly. Kraanbedrijf D. Buermans is a major player in the water-bound logistics sector with no less than 29 cranes, an extensive machine park and 45 employees.

Lenaers Express specialises in both national and international transport for everything from small packages to bulk transport.

LKC Service is a specialist in the installation and collection of containers. They also transport goods that demand the use of crane trucks, loading and unloading themselves, even when the destination is on a higher storey of a building or in a cellar. Furthermore, the company has digging machines for grounds and landscaping work  at its disposal.

Met M&K verzorgen we studies, installaties, onderhoud en services voor koeltechnische installaties, airconditioning en ventilatie. Ons hoofdkantoor is gelegen te Wilrijk.

Pure Air is specialised in the installation, cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems. The company headquarters are located in Genk.

RCT Stevedoring is a logistics partner based just outside the Port of Antwerp in Willebroek. The company offers total solutions for the loading, unloading and storage of various goods (including tree trunks, minerals, ore, etc.). Their logistics services incorporate road and water travel.

Rob Air offers all-in-one solutions for commercial and industrial cooling, as well as simple air-conditioning installations. The company headquarters are located in Genk.

Smartspace is a modern, flexible work environment. The impersonal atmosphere that defines most flex-offices is replaced with quality, warmth and service. Professional identity, visibility and accessibility are central to Smartspace making work an experience and an inspiration.

TVW Fuel Trucks sell new and second-hand trucks, tractor trucks and trailers, delivery trucks and corporate vehicles, both domestically and internationally. The company is the market leader in the sale of second-hand ADR-approved fuel trucks, standing out from the competition with fast delivery and customisation. The company headquarters are located in Lummen.

Renamed in 2015, Vestra is active in project development and facility services. Our clientele come from the residential market for existing and newly constructed apartment buildings, as well as from industry, for which we redevelop existing sites. At present, Vestra manages more than 60 sites across Belgium. The company headquarters are in Hasselt.