Hasco Invest is an independant, private holding firm that helps its participants to grow and fulfil their goals. As a family-based holding business, Hasco Invest has a long-term vision and a high level of involvement with the companies in which it participates. Our main office is based in Hasselt. 

Our vision

At Hasco Invest, we aim to be a business builder that invests in a range of verticals to which we deliver added value. We combine the operational strenghts and the long-term vision of an industrial group with the felixibility and opportunism of a financial investor. 

Strenghts of Hasco Invest: 

  • Partnering for the long term.

  • Coaching and strengthening management on strategic, operational, financial and commercial levels.

  • Bringing structure to an organisation.

  • The development of insightful financial, operational and commercial reporting.

  • Proposing business partners in Sales, Marketing, HR, IT, Legal services, Purchasing, Administration, Bookkeeping, Debiting and Controlling. 

Our values

  • Customer Driven
    As a stakeholder, you are the central focus of our organisation. We allay your concerns, thinking and working with you to reach strong solutions. 
  • Result Driven
    We strive to join you in achieving your goals as a stakeholder. Our aim is always to achieve the best possible result.
  • Teamwork
    Through strong teamwork with our external and internal partners, we raise you and our other stakeholders to a structurally higher level.
  • Entrepreneurship
    As a stakeholder, we work with you to support you in your continued growth and development. 
  • Ownership
    We always go the extra mile. As a stakeholder with a driven sense of responsibility, we contribute to your solution.
  • Integrity
    As a stakeholder, our long-term relationship with you is based on discretion, mutual respect and honesty. Integrity is a fundamental value in every collaboration with you.