The Hasco Invest investment group

Hasco Invest is an independent, family-owned holding company that helps its holdings achieve their growth ambitions. Our strong commitment and long-term vision allow us to act as a growth engine for businesses. We combine the operational strengths of an industrial group with the flexibility of an investor. Our broad range of holdings allows us to turn know-how into innovation, performance and profitability in very different fields. And always with a strong focus on sustainability.

Family business

In 1986, Hasco Invest’s history started with the heating oil company Wanten NV. Strategic collaborations allowed the family-owned company to grow into a prominent player in the fuel sector. Our current chairman of Hasco Invest, Francis Wanten, took over the torch from his father and accrued holdings in other sectors besides liquid fuels. This eventually gave rise to Hasco Invest. Yet, we have always stuck to our family values and nature that has distinguished us since the very beginning. Something that even the third generation currently active in the holding company watches over closely.

The Hasco Invest investment group

Our values

Customer driven

As a stakeholder, you are paramount to us and deserve freedom from unnecessary concerns.

Result driven

Your goals top our agenda.


We collaborate with you to boost you systematically to the next level.


We collaborate with you to exploit opportunities for further growth and development.


We take our responsibility seriously when contributing to your success.


Our collaboration with you is based on discretion, honesty and mutual respect.

Meet the management team

Multidisciplinary and enterprising with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

Francis Wanten
Dennis Edey
Martijn Wanten
Jef Evers