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Green & Durable Group helps drive growth at GPC Europe

GPC Europe was established in 2005 to help shape the vital energy transition and quickly became the wholesaler of solar panels and photovoltaic systems. This inspiring business story reached cruising speed in 2018 when Yves Struyve joined the team as co-business manager and partnered with Hasco Invest.

GPC Europe initially faced many challenges. They missed an ‘external voice’ and were looking for a sounding board to help guide the company. “I was hired as a co-business manager so that I could explore new products and developments. And Green & Durable Group was brought on board to ensure business continuity and further professionalise the company. Collaborating with this Hasco Invest holding allows us to focus on our core business, while receiving support in HR, IT, Finance and Marketing. And it is more than welcome,” said Yves Struyve.

The collaboration with Green & Durable Group went smoothly right away. “The hardest hurdle to overcome was ‘learning to delegate’. But as a business, you are left with more than enough leeway and freedom. At the same time, Green & Durable Group also immediately created trust thanks to their tried-and-tested method. We worked together on a strategic plan, established KPIs, then they upgraded our HR department and switched from annual figures to monthly reports,” said Yves Struyve. And that quickly bore fruit. GPC Europe’s revenue grew 25% in 2018, 42% in 2019, and 60% in 2020.

“As a partner, Green & Durable Group challenges us and keeps raising the bar. This fires our enthusiasm and keeps us moving forward,” said a proud co-business manager. So GPC Europe still has many great plans for the future. “We want to further expand our product range, for example with applications for electrical and thermal storage, monitoring digital meters, and charging stations for electric cars. We also want to expand our operating area to include France and the Netherlands. There are still many challenges ahead that we can face with confidence due to the financial support of Hasco Invest and the operational support of Green & Durable Group,” concluded Yves Struyve.

As a partner, Green & Durable Group challenges us and keeps raising the bar. This fires our enthusiasm and keeps us moving forward.

Yves Struyve

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