Pure Air

Pieter Rober


Pure Air: a breath of fresh air courtesy of Hasco Invest

As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on your core business, and do what you're good at. But as your business grows, there is often no space for this. Daily management takes huge amounts of time that you would rather be spending on other things. This was also the case for Pieter Rober, founder of Pure Air, a ventilation company. Hasco Invest's business partners gave him the structure and space he needed to expand. Pieter Rober looks back on the collaboration - and ahead to the future.

Pure Air designs, manufactures, installs and maintains ventilation systems for retail and industry. We handle our clients’ projects from beginning to end: from calculation, to production in our own workshop and reporting, Pure Air is the sole contact point for your entire ventilation project. We work entirely in accordance with our clients’ wishes and the regulations. Parts are always in stock in our large warehouse. Since the cooperation with Hasco Invest, Pure Air now has six operational bases, so they can always reach clients quickly if they need help. Moreover, we continuously invest in training for our employees. This enables Pure Air to guarantee quality and craftsmanship.

Pieter Rober founded Pure Air in 2012. His company has come a long way since then, with Hasco Invest as a travel companion.


Focused growth

What led you to join forces with Hasco Invest?

"In 2012, my plan to start my own ventilation company became a reality. There was great demand for ventilation and we delivered our projects correctly and on time. It was not surprising then, that we soon had more assignments than we could handle. We took on more employees and by 2015 there were nine of us."

“Obviously growth is good, but there comes a point where you can no longer manage on your own. You need permanent partners such as an accountant, a social secretariat, and others who understand your business and can give it the support it needs. I was working day and night on the operational side of things, our core business. But I could never find the time to work on Pure Air's strategy and long-term vision. So I had to enlist some back-up as I needed both employees and managers.”

I met Mr Francis Wanten, chairman of Hasco Invest, at a Jong Voka (Flanders’ Chambers of Commerce and Industry) event in 2015. From our very first conversation, I was impressed by his instinct for business and inspiring personality. There was an immediate click between us. A few conversations and months later, it was clear that we were on the same wavelength, so Pure Air became part of the Hasco family.

What has joining Hasco Invest done for you?

"Structure. We have finally created the structure that our company so badly needed. Our day-to-day management is now running smoothly under the leadership of Philip Bobbaers. This gives me more time to expand our customer portfolio and work on our future growth. Becoming part of this group has given us both growth and tranquillity. The year after the acquisition, we limited expansion as stability was our first priority. This strategy paid off. The close cooperation with colleagues from the other business units meant that I was able to make numerous new contacts. Since then, we have started many new projects, both inside and outside our own organisation.


Business partners for entrepreneurs

Were your expectations met?

“My expectations have certainly been met. I’ve been able to keep working on my business with the support and expertise of a strong and experienced team. Meanwhile, our hall has doubled in size and we now have our own production unit. Hasco Invest gives ambitious companies a firm foundation to build on. This allows us to concentrate on the things we are really good at and focus on our core business.


"Hasco Invest gives ambitious companies a firm foundation to build on."
   - Pieter Rober


What do you think is Hasco Invest’s greatest benefit?

“Hasco Invest’s entrepreneurial nature. It keeps me intellectually stimulated and focused. Moreover, Hasco Invest cares about its employees. You see this in the facilities that it has added, such as the Benefits@work platform. It's nice to be able to offer these things to our own employees."

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