Robin Bruninx & Sandra Deraeve

Encon improves its social impact together with Hasco Invest

Encon doesn’t see ‘sustainability’ as a task, but an opportunity. After all, businesses can use a sustainable approach to tackle many of the challenges they face. In order to spread this message as widely as possible, Encon joined forces with Hasco Invest. Founders Sandra Deraeve and Robin Bruninx reveal how this partnership works.

Encon supervises companies through their sustainable transitions, on both a strategic and a practical front. It all began in 2002 and now – several sustainability projects later – the company has several branches in Belgium and the Netherlands, where it works for big names such as Heinz, Ikea, and Bombardier. “Our emphasis is on the positive interactions between the economy, ecology, and social development. But whereas Encon used to insist that ‘sustainability solutions are cost-effective’, it now strongly believes that ‘sustainability helps you grow’,” explains Robin Bruninx. “A sustainable approach doesn’t just result in a low energy bill, but also in more efficient production processes, more commercial clout, attractive recruitment conditions, and so on. In short, sustainability guarantees an economically, ecologically, and socially strong future.”


What did Encon need from Hasco Invest?

“It might seem like quite a surprising couple: a consultancy firm that works on sustainability transformations, and a holding company with a strong foothold in fossil fuels through its subsidiary, Comfort Energy. But this is exactly where the opportunity lies: there are still big steps to be taken in terms of sustainability in the fossil-fuel sector. Our partnership can therefore have major impact on society. And Hasco Invest also has this same desire for sustainability. We recently set up the Green+ project together, for example, which compensates for CO2 emissions from fossil energy sources.


“There are still big steps to be taken in terms of sustainability in the fossil-fuel sector. Our partnership can therefore have a significant impact on society.”
   - Sandra Deraeve


What does Encon get from this partnership?

“We get the financial clout we need for essential long-term investments thanks to Hasco Invest. We can count on their support to give us the opportunity to grow further, which will allow us to help even more businesses and increase our societal impact.”


“We have complete trust in our partnership. Hasco Invest is very confident that we’ll make the right decisions.”
   - Robin Bruninx

How is the partnership going?

“From Encon’s perspective, we’d never enter into a partnership for purely commercial or financial reasons. We always need to share ambitions for sustainability, and this partnership gives us that. The great consequence of this is that we have complete trust in each other. Encon always discusses its plans with Hasco Invest in advance, of course, but you can see that they’re very confident we’ll make the right decisions, which makes it a very easy and enjoyable partnership.”

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